Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Taco Belle is a blog hog

SORRY! But I just had to give a big shout out to my peeps (Urbana and Orudis KT holler!) cause this lovely mexican dish is leaving the country tomorrow morning. That's right Puerto Rico - can you handle the hotness of Taco Belle?! It remains to be seen.

Expect stories about hot cabana boys upon my return. Oops, I hope Mr. Incognito doesn't read that last bit as I'm going to be smooching him at the stroke of midnight this new year's eve. IT'S ALL IN GOOD FUN! Here's a little something to marinate on until my return:

Punk/Hardcore/Metal Lovahs! - this one's for YOU

Because variety is the spice of life and because I just can't resist the man who made this request, Taco Belle is detering slightly from her usual Brooklyn indie scene and posting another's top 10 of 2005 list. AND IT'S ALL EXTREME SHIT! We're talking punk, hardcore and metal, folks. Let's make a toast to expanding our horizons!

Here it is, the Top 10 of 2005 from Mr. Incognito (pictured below with yummy yummy happy meals!)

1) The Soviettes – “LP III”; Another amazing piece of hook laden pop-punk genius (I’m talking real pop-punk ala Buzzcocks) from Minneapolis’ finest. This shit is like cancer, once it’s inside your head, it’s a major bitch getting it out. The Soviettes will keep you from getting punk rock withdrawal until that new Dillinger 4 album finally comes out.

2) Coliseum – “Goddamage EP”; Nasty, southern fried heavy as fuck punk rock from Louisville, KY. Coliseum does something a lot of “extreme” bands don’t; get personal. Brutal music with equally as brutal personal/political lyrics that removes things from the general to ideas that individuals can grasp on their own level, this shit is scary.

3) M.O.T.O. – “Raw Power”; I’ve been a devout follower of the M.O.T.O. cult ever since I witnessed their kick ass live act opening up for Guitar Wolf in Austin, TX. Funny, catchy, bare bones punk rock from a bunch of dudes who’ve been at this way to long to get it wrong. I swear these guys would be legends by now if they ever got off their lazy asses and toured (1 tour every decade doesn’t count guys)

4) Pelican – “The Fire in our Throats will Beckon the Thaw”; Seriously Epic shit here ladies and gentlemen. Insane instrumental metal that can appeal to non-metal heads. Elaborate, beautifully crafted metal masterpieces that will take you to unexplored places. This shit is so fucking heavy that if you listen to it sitting down, it’ll be difficult to stand up.

5) Red Sparrows – “At the Soundless Dawn”; Long intricate musical collages that push the limits of heavy music. This is the best album Neurosis never put out; accept Red Sparrows has a girl ruling the mic instead of three dudes with giant goatees. I dare you to listen to the album and think that a 5’3” 110 lb girl could even come close to producing the blood curdling growls on this album.

6) Sweet J.A.P. – “I’m only the Moonlight” 7”; Ok, ok I can hear people freaking out already, yes I know this album came out in 2004 and NO I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. First of all 99.9% of people missed out on this amazing final release from one of the most important punk bands in recent memory. Bridging the gap between blistering hardcore and 77’ punk like no one before them, not to mention this band kicked ass live. I nearly cried when this band broke up, you should have too but you were all to busy listening to Broken Social Scene and pretending to be socially responsible.

7) Screeching Weasel – “Kill the Musicians” Reissue; Since being baptized in the from the Church of the Ramones at an early age (registered minister since ’96), Screeching Weasel was always a band that I respected for really holding a proper candle to the boys in leather jackets, while still brining a little of their own flare. Not an official album, “Kill the Musicians” is a great Weasel starter kit with a nice glimpse inside of the Weasel evolution.

8) Smoke or Fire – “Above the City”; A truly spectacular debut. Everything I like in a band: gruffy vocals, smart heartfelt lyrics and tons of sing along type moments. Reminds me a lot of early Small Brown Bike, which is not a bad thing.

9) Holy Mountain – “Entrails”; Fucking scary Gainesville style crusty hardcore. The vocals will peel your skin off and the socio-political ferocity will have you suicide bombing in no time. In the vain of His Hero is Gone, Born Against and all that dirty shit on Havoc Records, you get the picture.

10) Genghis Tron – “Cloak of Love”; I only started listening to this band very recently but I couldn’t resist putting this on my top ten. I have to give Genghis Tron credit; they are doing some pretty original shit on “Cloak of Love.” Take one part Depeche Mode, one part Combatwoundedveteran (actually any favorite power violence band will do) and throw them in a nuclear turbine and you kind of come close to Genghis Tron. They really blend synth pop and grindcore like no one before them (has anyone ever tried mixing synth pop and grindcore before?). A+ for originally.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Matt and Kim - The adorable couple that I DON'T want to strangle

Ok ok, so most likely everyone who bothers to read this titillating blog has already heard of Matt and Kim, the all too-delightful pop music couple who reside in Willy'bizzle (can I copyright that please?). I'm also fairly positive that those of you who live in said neighborhood have seen them play alongside their homies, Japanther. So my work here is pretty much done and done, right? WRONG! Despite the fact that M and K are all the rage I will continue to regale you with stories of their awesomeness because, well, they kick ass.

The first time I saw them was over the summer at Office Ops (the Bushwick locale that everyone loves to hate). It was a rooftop affair with Japanther headlining (isn't summertime in Brooklyn the best?). I had never had the pleasure of seeing Matt and Kim until that point, and since then my life has gone from donkeys to unicorns.

Here's their deal: they are an adorable couple who play the happiest music I have ever heard. Kim plays the drums while Matt sings and takes charge of the synthesizers. Five nights ago I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them again, this time opening for man vs. beast (another insane-in-a-good-way band). What can I say, their performance made me want to buy a round of budweiser tall boys for everyone and then bake cupcakes (or at least eat one).

Check them out! www.myspace.com/mattandkim

*semi-interesting side note: Matt and Kim were just recently signed to iheartcomix, the record label belonging to none other then Frankie Chan, the bald-headed, bespectecled friend of the cobrasnake and dj buddy of Kid Millionaire (aka Steve Aoki).

Thursday, December 15, 2005

24 Forever more!

Happy Birthday Orudis KT
I want to have your little Bay B
We'll sail off on a ship on the deep blue C
The sound of the waves makes me wanna P

Another song:

We run we jump we swim and play
we row and go on trips
but the thing that last forever
are our dear friendships!

Camp anawana
We hold you in our hearts
and when i think about you
it makes me want to FART

Its "I hope we never part"
Now get it right or pay the price!

Now we will share a lifetime
of the fondest memories
from the lakes of Anawanna
set in the Old pine trees

Camp anawana
We hold you in our hearts
and when i think about you
this thing came apart

Think anawanawana
Speak anawanawana
Live anawanawana

On another note, Watch out! She's coming...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Explosions in the Sky - No, it's not a terrorist attack...

It's an amazing band that I had the extreme pleasure of seeing last night at the Bowery Ballroom along with Wilderness (who are indeed worthy of playing alongside Explosions, if not headlining their own tour).

All weekend long I had been wallowing in my own self-pity, taking way too many bong hits and contemplating things that are better left for Jesus to sort through in his spare time. I had to drag myself out last night to the show (which had been sold out for weeks) but holy hotdog was I glad I did!

Explosions in the Sky are an intrumental band from Texas. The two guitarists and bass player (Mark Smith, Munaf Rayani and Michael James) actually hail from the small boondock town that George W. at one point called home. They eventually all moved to Austin and in 1999 had their first jam session together (drummer Christopher Hrasky included). Thus was born the amazingness that I witnessed last night.

Their sound is at times hardcore, passionate and sincere, but overall incredibly beautiful. I had a big, stupid grin on my face throughout their entire set. Songs begin soft and melodic but then build up to an intensity that rips through their audience like fireworks (which, not coincidentally, is where their name originates). Their music is technically alluring without being too mathy, and their lack of a singer is something that goes completely unnoticed as their sound is so goddamn original and detailed. What more can I say - if you haven't listened to this band yet, slap yourself across the face and check them out!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

New Jersey Fun Nights.

We only got there at 11:55pm on Friday night after a smooth car ride from Brooklyn to the Showboat casino. Rum and diet, Rum and diet, Rum and diet, up $100, down $20, up another $50. Cash out! Video Poker is frighteningly fun.
Lauren in AC
We're here to celebrate Lauren's 24th birthday. There's a handful of friends and a handful of vegan chocolate cupcakes. Some guy thought us girls were "working." Rum and diet, rum and diet, jack and coke, turkey sandwich.
Back to video poker, then to Jeopardy slots. Then over to Trump Taj Mahal. more video poker! See lady with shaved head and baseball tattoo on back of skull. 5:15am, decide its time to go. Hotel rooms are up to $279 so we drive back to brooklyn. But first, get the rest of the vegan cupcakes. 6am, hit the turnpike.
birthday kiss
Sunrise over New Jersey marshland. Stinks! Holland Tunnel. Houston Street, I run a red light and almost hit a cab. 8:30am Williamsburg, park the car.
WHIZ! Brush teeth, take picture of our bad selves. hit the hay. We got what we wanted.

Happy Birthday Sneaks!

Friday, December 02, 2005

BEST OF 2005 - A Magical Musical Odyssey

As 2005 draws to a close, allow me to share my top 10 favorite albums of the year. Enjoy:

1). Animal Collective, "Feels" - If you don't think AC is the best band of our generation then you are a troglodyte. A TROGLODYTE!
2). Wolf Parade, "Apologies to the Queen Mary" - It's awesomeness like this that makes me want to sleep with every Canadian I meet. Roadtrip to Montreal, anyone?
3). Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, s/t - Clap Your Hands Say Holy Crap This Band Is Amazing.
4). Sufjan Stevens, "Illinoise" - I was recently told by a certain fella I know that Sufjan is way Christian. If such a rumor is true then thank you Jesus and I'll see you on Sunday.
5). Grizzly Bear, "Horn Of Plenty" - I want to marry this band.
6). Blood On The Wall, "Awesomer" - This album IS awesomer then their debut so they're not liars. Taco Belle hates liars.
7). The Joggers, "With A Cape And A Cane" - I used to think Portland was a pretty crappy town. I have since changed my mind. Their music is a sweet combo of every band that I love (see numbers 1-6).
8). Gogol Bordello, "Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike" - Immigrant punk. It's a killer combo... it makes me want to drink vodka, eat meat and show my boobs to them (not you).
9). Bloc Party, "Silent Alarm" - I know, I know, but come on! How could anyone NOT love this band?
10). Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeny, "Superwolf" - This album is beautiful and lovely. Listen to it!

Other notables:
- Black Mountain, s/t
- Dungen, "Ta det lugnt"
- Wilderness, s/t (excellent psych rock)
- We Are Wolves, "Non-Stop Je Te Plie En Deux" (there must be some crazy breast milk in Montreal, for reals)
- Caribou, "The Milk of Human Kindness" (fantabulous electro)
- Gang Gang Dance, "God's Money"


You know what really grinds my gears?

...when tubbies take over all the seats on the subway. I acknowledge every fatty's right to sit down, don't get me wrong. But when 5 of them take over an entire row that can comfortably seat 8 or 9 people then Taco Belle gets mad. Especially when she's extremely hungover in the morning and trying desperately not to spill her much needed coffee.

Stop eating fast food, America! YOU'RE FAT!

Still to come: music review Friday, YAY!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Post Game Review:

Oh thank god Thanksgiving is over.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bless us O Lord and these thy gifts...

As we gather with our family and friends tomorrow, let us not forget the many things we are thankful for this year. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Urbanatime and the Friends Forever would like to share what we are thankful for.

We are thankful for...
1. friends and family
2. big home cooked meals
3. Macy's Day Parade
4. nice apartments and employment
5. cute puppies and kittens
6. The Tyra Banks Show
7. America's Next Top Model
8. Star Jones
9. Handisnacks
10. CNN Breaking News alerts
11. Macaques (a type of monkey)
12. Dr. Scholls foot spray
11. Buns o' Steel Video
12. Mom's casserole
13. Blogs!
14. Mini Skirts
15. Roof top lounge fests
16. Scratch 'n Sniff
17. New York Magazine crossword puzzles
18. Subaru outbacks
19. Rockefeller State Park
20. Make out sessions
21. Sluts

Peace be with you. Amen

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Taco Belle goes to LA... jealous?

I hope everyone is enjoying my weekly music "reviews." If you are then I am sorry to disappoint you this week but I will be in Los Angeles for the holidays enoying the 70 degree weather, dying my hair blond and getting a boob job. (If you aren't enjoying the reviews then I hope you gain 10 pounds come Thursday.)

I will be attending a few shows this weekend out in the West Coast, so perhaps you can look forward to getting your Los Angeles music education come Monday.

And now... as a final holiday treat, please enjoy this boobie shot! If you can correctly guess who this lovely vixen is I will personally make you a mixed CD of all my favorite jams!


Monday, November 21, 2005

Papermag Gallery Party!

Thanks to everyone that came to the Papermag Gallery Opening last Friday! There's an ugly picture of me if you click the link that's on Gawker. Check it out!

And by the way, I think Kelly is lying about the Golden Girls DVD signing at the Bowery Poetry Club tomorrow night. See the Bowey Poetry Club Calendar I am hurt by the false claim. Especially if it was a signing for this DVD.

Taste Test of the Week: Installment 1

Kelly and Urbana escaped to the country on Saturday. We made our first pit stop at Stew Leonards, the craziest supermarket of them all! There were samples of Thanksgiving dinner and Crab Rangoon there though, so we were psyched. Later we found nature and took a stroll through Rockefeller State Park. Pics to come. However, the important part of the story is, we were seriously craving a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte.

As the sun went down, we took a pit stop somewhere in the white plains area and found ourselves a Starbucks. Urbana ordered one Grande Skim Gingerbread Latte and a biscotti. Kelly order one Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte and a biscotti. The biscotti was delicious. The beverages, on the other hand, were not delicious. The gingerbread latte tastes like dirt. The pumpkin spice latte taste like sweet dirt. If Urbana may recommend a beverage to you, loyal reader, it is a regular regular, or go to your local coffee shop for a perfectly perfect latte.

Coffee, is not something to screw around with. It is our life blood and it better be damn good.

Friday, November 18, 2005

GOGOL BORDELLO - Think Locally, Fuck Globally

It's Friday and we all know what that means - Taco Belle will be blacked out by 10pm. But before the weekend begins, let her regale you with another review of a band that she has sexual fantasies about. This week's band... Gogol Bordello.

First of all, does anyone ever wonder about Ukranians? What's their deal? I mean, sure, they were anally raped big time in WWII by both the Germans and the Russians, but what about since then? Do they have running water over there? Does every family own a circus bear? What's up with the sicle and the hammer? Do they do the tushy pushy with goats? ...Who knows! Admittedly, I am an ignorant American and know nothing about most countries (aside from the slandering jokes, of course). What I DO know about such foreign and magical lands as the Ukraine, Russia, Japan and even France I've learned from music.

Enter Gogol Bordello, a raucous troupe of Ukranian and Russian musicians residing right here in New York. Their sound is quite possibly the most exciting I've heard since the Rapture's "Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks" EP. Forget the 80s New Wave revival crap (ahem, Interpol/Bloc Party/Stellastarr*), Gogol Bordello provides the goods - an intense combination of traditional Gypsy tunes and politically charged punk rock. Led by none other than Eugene "I'd Go For A Ride On That Mustache" Hutz, this band reminds their audience what it feels like to be living and breathing in a pulsating city.

The original members first met in Vermont where they were hired to play at a Russian Wedding where "of course, everyone wants to hear the fucking Gypsy shit," says Hutz. Thus began what is now a regular institution in Lower Manhattan. Catch Hutz and the gang (when they're not on tour) every Thursday at the Bulgarian Bar on Broadway and Canal. I must admit, the idea of taking vodka shots and dancing to "Gypsy fuck songs" sounds delightful. Urbana and Taco Belle are making it our business to become regulars at this lil' shindig described as "the bible of transglobal debauchery." Plus the idea of a drunk make out session with the Hutz is quite divine.

Check them out: http://www.gogolbordello.com/home/

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Urbana Reporting from Downtown:

Beware! Tribeca over run with pint size Asian girls and boys carrying massive and multiple Steven Alan bags.

The Steven Alan sample sale started today with savings of 30-75% on young designer and unique threads that you could absolutely positively never afford, that is unless you bone Heath Ledger and give birth to his baby. Alas, some other washed up indie darling has already beat us to it. That's why good old Steven has given us his infamous bi-annual Sample Sale.

Urbana and an associate went to the sale during lunch since it is a mere 3 feet from our office door. The selection was decent though there were several racks of the unwanted clothes you've been sifting through since the sample sale of 2003. Urbana left sans purchases due to a recently inflated spare tire. (more to come on that tribulation)

In conclusion: If you're a size 4, RUN TO STEVEN ALAN SAMPLE SALE. 87 Franklin St btw. Broadway & Church. Sale ends Saturday Nov 19th at 7pm.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

YAY Post #162

Today we have a special tribute to Friends Forever. It doesn't matter if you're tall or short, skinny or portly, ugly or mediocre lookin. We love all friends and we celebrate our differences. However, if you're skinny, pretty, and dating someone particularly handsome, smart, and rich, we might choose not to pick you as our favorite pal because honestly, we hate you. It's like my Catholic confirmation teacher said "you can be nice to jews and protestants, but you shouldn't be friends with them."

But, for the most part, we can be friendly and sit on eachother's heads when we need a lift.

For more on this meaningful and rewarding relationship, follow your heart here: "Friendship Proves a Real Hoot" via Shropshire Star

Friday, November 11, 2005

Lunchtime Desserts

The Ladies who Lunch aka. Urbana & Wilson, spotted hunky Sirloin Steak Josh Hartnett at Tribeca eatery Edwards.

No, it wasn't the half carafe of house red that deceived us. It was the gosh darned truth, he was there lunching with some senior gentlemen probably working on a screenplay or something, looking a little bit like this...

TEST ICICLES - some boys should not be allowed to come up with band names

Hello, friends! I am Taco Belle, mistress of mexican food, and from now on I will be giving a weekly music review for all you lovely Urbana fans. First one to make the cut: TEST ICICLES

Look at these little scamps! Their average age and pant size is 21, they hail from England, and they are currently playing a slue of NYC shows along side fellow UKsters, Art Brut. What can I say, apparently they love everything in England. Punk/indie bands are a dime a dozen over there. New bands keep popping up, each one worse than the one before. Just look at their fans! Pics from our overseas comrades reveal shows flooded with skin heads in soccer jerseys ...at Kaiser Chief shows! (Look them up, they suck).

ANYWAY, Test Icicles are three boys described as "the sound of East London imploding in brilliant technicolour" by stupid NME. What in the heck does that mean anyway? I'll tell you what it means, it means they have a black dude in their band - big woop. So you've got street cred. That didn't stop your lead singer from fainting on stage. I mean, sure, maybe it was because he cut his toe and bled until he passed out, but that's no excuse. How the hell did he cut his toe anyway? (T.B. has many funny and irreverent guesses but she shall spare you as this rant is long enough as it is).

So, Test Icicles. They're on tour now but good luck catching them because Americans devour all turds that expel from the butthole of Merry Old. And for those of you that think the term "turd" is a harsh metaphor for a human being, let me ask you this: Did you take a good look at that pic? I might have to punch something if I stare too long...

Why is Taco Belle so angry? I'll tell you why, because she secretly loves this band. And after having admitted that, she might need to give two reviews this week in order to redeem herself.
Check them out: www.myspace.com/testicicles

Introducing... Taco Belle!

Good Afternoon Urbanatime friends!

I'd like to take this moment to introduce the latest Urbanatime contributor, music lovahh, rock and roller, pretzel eater, Taco Belle! She's going to post a weekly music column for your listening pleasure. Its about time we listen to something more than Dionne Warwick, Kelly Clarkson, and The Little Mermaid Soundtrack.

The Taco Belle below:

Monday, October 31, 2005

Mystery Crotch REVEALED!

Originally uploaded by andi814.
Yup, That delicious bulge belongs to Urbana. Check out my hot flavor savor sidekick.



Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Do your duty

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Someone has GOT to be the "Kid in your kindergarten class who smelled like pee" for Halloween. And that special person is YOU! Yes YOU reading this right now. There's never been a better excuse for getting loaded and peeing yourself all night!!!

Outfit: Winnie-the-pooh something or other on your person and Velcro sneakers.
Make-up: Chocolate pudding crusted with cheerios in general mouth, nose, and cheek area.
NOTE: Honeynut ensures maximum crustability however, Lucky Charms may be substituted to add color.

Now go home and practice the following conversation with your roommate or mom:

Random Stranger in a bar: Why hello there sexy. What exactly are you supposed to be?
You: The kid in your kindergarten class who smelled like pee.
Stranger: That's funny cause you smell heavenly to me.
You: I do? [commence peeing center stage right] How 'bout now?
Stranger: Ah yes. I believe that's the odor of Jenny Lathem, the girl in my kindergarten class who smelled like pee.


Faces have been blurred to protect the innocent (until proven guilty).

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Still Stumped on your freaky deaky costume choice?

Holy Shit! Halloween weekend starts in 4 nights. That means you have 3 days to think of something to wear. FUCK. Do NOT go to Ricky's. Do not go to salvation army. you will not have time to do laundry and you don't want to smell 2nd hand all night. After all, Halloween is about having sex with strangers and strangers are not turned on by mildew and pit stains.

Alas, you have another choice if my first suggestion isn't the right thing, or your roommate already read Urbanatime before you did. Here's option 2:

1. put on black stockings over your head and wear black turtleneck. Wear green or brown pants and bright shoes with jingle bells on them.
2. print out picture below
3. cut out picture
4. paste picture to bellybutton area of your body
5. walk around and ask babes for candy.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Each year as Halloween approaches, we discover new and interesting ways to amuse and frighten our friends. Urbanatime knows this is a long and often dreadful process of creativity. We'd like to make the "scary costume" search easier for you by following these 5 easy steps.

1. enlarge picture below
2. print out
3. cut out
4. paste to head
5. Walk around and use big words.

Don't forget to overdose on reeces peanut butter cups and mini three muskateers. Delicious.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Stuff on My Urbana Chapter 1

Ah shit. I have an entire arsenal of 'Nick on my Urbana' photographs. (See Dance Move of the Week: Boobhead.) I'm shopping them around to some galleries in Chelsea cause I think they deserve a proper showing to the metropolitan public at large. I'm pretty much the Diane Arbus of our generation. Yes, it's true.

She looks just like both of you!

bundle of joy
Originally uploaded by andi814.
Here again is another relic.

Check out that crazy eyebrow plucking action that used to consume a little part of every day. I'm glad i've finally embraced the parts that make me special, like bushy brows... Very in for the fall season, as is navy blue, my astrological power color. Its the time, of the season for urbanaaaaaa! (psychadelic fade out)

Summer wind, keeps blowin in

sponge bob dead pants
Originally uploaded by andi814.
here's an oldie but goodie for the memory tank.

We're going to start a new feature called "Stuff on my Urbana." SOOO your job is to find me when i'm sleeping, taking a nap, resting, or passed out and put something on me, with the exception of your penis and/or balls. Then, take a picture and send it to stuffonmyurbana@gmail.com. We'll post it NEXT DAY!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fetus Watch: Trump Edition

We here at Urbanatime are extremely proud of our fellow gold diggers. Not only do we admire all that they have done for our community, but we also are the first to commend their accomplishments in Grand Theft Auto and Botox reception. For that reason, we were privy to this intimate correspondence between the lovely and most notable gold diggers of 2005, Kevin "I banged Britzilla" Federline and Melania "I humped a Trump" Knauss.

'Sup Mel,
Mad props beeotch! U R set 4 life. Name that little shit Benjamin. As in Franklin. As in hundred dollar bills y'all.
You better recognize,

We couldn't be happier for them. There's nothing we enjoy watching more than the development of a socialite zygote, if for no other reason than it makes us yearn to pop from a far wealthier womb than the Denny's that our gametes met in.

Stay tuned.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses.

We ordered Sea and watched Desperate Housewives last night. Did you? Here's a clip from the episode...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Disappointing NY Post/NY Daily News headlines

The best we got was "He's no Weiner"

NYTimes: "Concession Sets Up Bloomberg-Ferrer Race"
NY Daily News: "Weiner Concedes Dem Battle"
AM New York: "Weiner Concedes Race to Ferrer"

BORING. So much meat, but all filler.

Thanks to Gawker, today's winning headline used to be "Weiner Pulls Out" from 1010 WINS but however, this headline has conceded as well in the running and changed over to "Weiner Concedes" or something dumb and now, the article isn't even there. Fucking Sallies.

Weiner Pulls Out via Gawker

On another note, many congratulations to our friend Fernando Ferrer.

Monday, September 12, 2005

NYC Mayoral Race 2005 Updates

With Al Sharpton's announced support for Bronx President Fernando Ferrer today, he commented "There was no Weiner on the menu."

Ed Note: We at Urbanatime are proud to continue the long standing tradition of giving Anthony Weiner shit for his detrimental last name. If you should happen to witness any of these double entredres, please please please, send 'em over.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Most Amazing Invention EVER.

This weeks props going to craigs list post #94800570. Please click link for full details.

newyork.craigslist.org Couch for sale

but pretty much it says this....

Couch w/Recliners that message, pull out Bed & speaker Phone built in

Reply to: anon-96800570@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-09-11, 11:29AM EDT

This couch is very PLUSH & LUXURIOUS. Has 2 built in recliners that message, a hidden console with a built in speaker phone & a pull out bed.
I paid $2,500 about 3 years ago. I'm selling it for $1,450 or best offer

Urbana and Lauren are looking to turning 293 into party house 293. We plan to do this with the addition of a love seat and a move of the tv. If you've got one or know of a great one. Please give a call.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Take 2: Frank chimes in

-----Original Message-----
From: XX
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 4:32 PM
To: XX
Subject: Re: We can't.possibly allow the day to go by without

>From Hotline:
Asked to predict the New York Post's headline on Rep. Anthony Weiner's
(D-NY) mayoral race, you were very funny. Among your printable ideas:
Dog We Have A Weiner!"; "Weiner Cut Off"; "Weiner Pokes Through
"Weiner Pulls It Out!"; "Weiner Has Weak Poll"; "Weiner Gets Late
"Weiner Comes Last"; "Bloomberg Congratulates Ferrer for Beating
"Weiner Gets Smoked"; "Weiner Peters Out"; "Weiner Relishes In Victory";

"Can Weiner Satisfy All Five Boroughs?"; "Weiner Droops In Poor Finish";

"Winer Roast-ed"; "Weiner By A Hair"; "Weiner Inches Ahead"; "Ferrer
Grip On Weiner"; "Weiner Blown Away"; "Weiner Bruised In Tight Race";
"Gephardt Wins Primary"; "Oscar Mayor Weiner"; "Weiner On A Roll!";
"It's A
Weiner-fest"; "Insert Weiner Here" (with photo of Gracie Mansion); and
"Bloomie Takes It On Chin From Weiner."

Take 1: Mat & Urbana Discuss Politics

Click to read it sucka!
Lightning Bolt=Mat

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Hello! If I haven't shoved this down your throat enough... check out the New and Improved PAPERMAG.COM!

Thank you for your love and support.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Frank!

Happy 23rd! Let's play a game. Name all the famous Franks you can...

1. Frank Sinatra
2. Frank Lloyd Wright
3. Anne Frank
4. Fenway Franks
5. Frank Decaro
6. Frank Black
7. Frank Zappa
8. Paul Frank
9. Frank Oz
10. Frank Rothman!!!

I'll be the most popular!

Hi friends,
My dad gave me a 30 pack of Bud as my "nice to see ya, don't wreck my car, here's some cheap beer your mother and I refuse to drink" gift. Tonight I plan to make room in the fridge for most of those goodies. Friday I would like some help drinking them. Also, let's celebrate the berry brothel. Same apartment, a little more space. Better tunes. See you friday.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Possibly another victim of Urbana

grey skies are gonna clear up! put on a happy face.

If this doesn't make you smile a lot, then you have no soul.
its true. you don't.

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