Monday, February 28, 2005

Pee pee story of the week.

**Names changed to protect the inebriated**

Bob: saturday night Miranda-Lynn was passed out on one of the lazy-boys. i was sleeping in my room. all of sudden the door screams open, Miranda-Lynn wakes me up, and starts giggiling out that Vinny peed on a lazy boy. apparently he was blacked out, thought the lazy boy was a toilet, took aim, and fired. luckily, he didn't chose the lazy-boy Miranda-Lynn was sleeping on. and even luckier, he didn't have to do number 2.

Joni: hahahaha. So which one was it? Are you going to throw it away? how did Miranda-Lynn wake up to the peeing? Are you going to kill Vinny? Oh man, imagine if he shat on that lazy boy!

uh oh, now I'm giggling

Bob: Miranda-Lynn heard him come out, rolled over to go back to sleep, and then heard
what sounded like him "pouring a glass of water onto the lazy boy." She
turned over to investigate just in time to see him tuck little Vinny back

Vinny cleaned the lazy-boy, so we're not going to throw it away. it
doesn't smell or anything. i

as for which lazy-boy it was, we'll just have to see if you're feeling
lucky next time you coome over...

Oscar Recap




"oohhh oohhhh"





Here's to the most boring oscar show ever. Luckily Katie's arm flailing kept most of us entertained... pictures to follow. Despite various bosom exposures, pube checks, and unsupervised flatulations, one memeber of the party sought it necessary to nap. Lauren Ceike, in an apparrent Bean coma, fell asleep after the exciting pagenat-like stage line up of nominees for best short animated film only to awake shortly after the long-awaited and undeniably predictable oscar finale. The best part of the evening you ask? Eating out Star Jones-Reynolds was by far the most exciting, satisfying, and utterly delicious moment. or shall we say moments. I love you Star!

Saturday, February 26, 2005


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NaS, don't you want it? Its better than yours.

Friday, February 25, 2005


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Testing the flickr site. This is newman, my hero.

Getting too attached

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You know rushing into a relationship head first can be extremely dangerous. Har har. I fully realize that should I ever give birth, my offspring will be mutants the likes of which this earth has never seen. That said, what would you do if this kid was in your kindergarten class! "Mrs. Romberg! Mary's second head just stuck its tongue out at me and called me fat!" You of course then get in trouble for calling it a spermface. There was a second head baby case not even a year ago. What's going on? I think something nuclear.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Weekend baking

Ok for our oscar party we should bake a nice cake like this one. We can celebrate single women everywhere by putting a giant black cat on top of it. Then we can eat the cat like we're eating our pain of being single and unnaturally attached to our cats. And even though we don't have cats yet, we can use our imaginations to pretend. Then we can compare what we ate for dinner last night. Later, we can bake a cake with a cool picture of George Michael on it. I'll go buy that special paper that you can print on and eat it. You get the sprinkles.

a comparison

In case your spiritual side is in need of some guidance....

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I've been thinking of you.

There's something about friends that is special. The specialness is so important to our happiness. That is why I have started this page so we can preserve the precious memories we have together. We can also share with eachother special memories when we could not be together but we should all know about. Friends Forever.