Friday, February 25, 2005

Getting too attached

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You know rushing into a relationship head first can be extremely dangerous. Har har. I fully realize that should I ever give birth, my offspring will be mutants the likes of which this earth has never seen. That said, what would you do if this kid was in your kindergarten class! "Mrs. Romberg! Mary's second head just stuck its tongue out at me and called me fat!" You of course then get in trouble for calling it a spermface. There was a second head baby case not even a year ago. What's going on? I think something nuclear.


Urbana said...

WTF! That is the craziest thing ever. You think they would have taken care of that by now. That kid looks like he already takes a poo in the toilet. Mother fucker. How did the other head grow so much? does it talk too? Is it alive?

sckTt said...

Well done! They referred to it as a, "parasitic brain," and somehow determined it was incapable of independent thinking. The second head was, however, able to blink and smile.
If my parents told me I had a second head removed in my infancy, I would be bullshit and never forgive them.