Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I've been thinking of you.

There's something about friends that is special. The specialness is so important to our happiness. That is why I have started this page so we can preserve the precious memories we have together. We can also share with eachother special memories when we could not be together but we should all know about. Friends Forever.

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Orudis KT said...

Friendship like ours is rarer than the filet mignon at Shoney's. Let's make this official. We can have our own version of with weekly friendship couple profiles. Some categories to consider: 'how we met,' 'the proposal,' 'future dreams together,' 'favorite amphibians,' and '2008 olympic predictions.' Of course we will need to set up a gift registry at Pier 1 because that place is great and we deserve it. And I think it goes without saying that as this relationship progresses it will be necessary to post topless girl on girl photos taken on my camera phone. It's only natural. Final thought: why is autism such a hot topic all of a sudden?