Monday, February 28, 2005

Pee pee story of the week.

**Names changed to protect the inebriated**

Bob: saturday night Miranda-Lynn was passed out on one of the lazy-boys. i was sleeping in my room. all of sudden the door screams open, Miranda-Lynn wakes me up, and starts giggiling out that Vinny peed on a lazy boy. apparently he was blacked out, thought the lazy boy was a toilet, took aim, and fired. luckily, he didn't chose the lazy-boy Miranda-Lynn was sleeping on. and even luckier, he didn't have to do number 2.

Joni: hahahaha. So which one was it? Are you going to throw it away? how did Miranda-Lynn wake up to the peeing? Are you going to kill Vinny? Oh man, imagine if he shat on that lazy boy!

uh oh, now I'm giggling

Bob: Miranda-Lynn heard him come out, rolled over to go back to sleep, and then heard
what sounded like him "pouring a glass of water onto the lazy boy." She
turned over to investigate just in time to see him tuck little Vinny back

Vinny cleaned the lazy-boy, so we're not going to throw it away. it
doesn't smell or anything. i

as for which lazy-boy it was, we'll just have to see if you're feeling
lucky next time you coome over...

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