Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Beautiful People Party Drink

To prepare everyone for tonight's PAPER party, I would like to share my signature beverage with you and our friends. I've provided pictures to assist you in the process.

How to make "The Urbana"

Pour 1 oz. Svedka Vodka (or more to your preference) over ice into Medium glass.
Mix with 4 oz. club soda (seltzer)
Top with a generous splash of lime juice
Stir with gusto!
Garnish with slices of fresh lime and even a lemon if you want to get colorful.

sip and enjoy.

This drink is low-carb and tastes great. The lime juice might even provide a bit of vitamin C.
Svedka is the sponsor tonight. GO GO SVEDKA VODKA!


Orudis KT said...
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Urbana said...

How about "pick of the month" or "Cool is picking your nose" and never get a Keds ad again. Haha.