Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Blance, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia are my new after school special. Today on the program, the girls were cooking a late night dinner in their nightgowns and reminiscing about old times. I've noticed a ton of their shows are based on memories and splices of old shows. I guess it kept production costs down and actually fairly accurately paints a picture of old age, always talking about old times in fancy night wear. I can't freekin wait! So anyway, one of the memories was when the heat went out and it was so cold (in Miami, Right!) that they all had to share Sophia's bed because she has an electric blanket. Brilliant. So of course all four of them were chatting under the covers and Rose was getting all nervous about something or other and then Sophia farts in bed! Retorting with "its my bed and I'll do whatever I want in it." Then I turned on Jeopardy. You mighta had to be there and I would recommend trying to get there. The Golden Girls DVD is out now. Try or check your local listings for showtime and channel.

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