Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Get in my mouth

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May our love for one another continue to bloom and grow until the chick comes of age and pecks the dog's eyes out. Adolescence is a bitch.

"A pet chihuahua dog has adopted a baby chick in China.
Huahua took charge of the chick as soon as owner Liu Bangyang's daughter brought it home.
She regards the chick as her baby and stands guard to make sure it comes to no harm, reports the Chongqing Morning News.
And, whenever the chick strays too far, Huahua picks it up gently in her mouth and puts it back in its cot.
Liu, from Guiyang city, Guizhou province, said: "We'll try our best to raise the little chicken, if that's what Huahua wants."

MMMMMMMAAAAAA TUH BIN YAAAAAH. MATTA MEECHIE MA BA. HIMMENALAH HIMMEN A ZIMBABWE. The circle of life. They gave that dog the stupidest name ever. He should've been called Elton John. Too bad both of them are going in the crockpot at old Liu Bangyang's International House of Dumplings. Hua Hua will never reach the height of Paris's Tinkerbell. Sigh.

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