Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ode to Urbana

Oh ye of mighty beauty and wealth of bosom,
you come to me in my dreams
telling me I look like I was born with a birth defect.
Or was that my mother?
Yes. It was Mother Rabbit.
I digress.
Your party prowess is beyond compare
While waiting in line for the Temple
I think I see Audrey Hepburn.
Could it be? I ask.
Why no, it's Urbana, the mother of all that is awesome
great and small.
They flock to you in a V formation
crapping on all those below.
Look there's a person dressed only in teal!
Dive bomb.
I am sad.
I cannot digitally get down.
I hope to one day have the privilege
of cutting your cuticles.

1 comment:

Urbana said...

oh where or where is OrudisKT's penis? Oh where oh where can it be? I would like you to get an operation. I'll pay for it. we could be happy together. so how is the weather?

you make me blush.