Wednesday, March 16, 2005


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Urbana said...

I was looking at this picture thinking "Ok, some whitetrash townie girl wears a scrunchie" So what, who cares, big deal. But then I looked a little harder, put on my reading glasses and noticed the picture tag "bspears." and it all came together.

Theory of the day: Britney is trying to gross everyone out so much that they stop paying attention to her so she and kevin can cuddle in private and make babies. but little does she know, the american public loves celebs in their ugliest moments. Didn't you see that show on fox that was entirely celebs without makeup on. it was the worst thing I've ever watched in my life.

oh wait, maybe i have another theory.... Kevin Federline has successfully wooed, banged, and married the hottest girl in pop entertainment. I mean even bob dole was open about her bonerific status. So Kevin, as I suspect, is one of those sick, insecure, possessive, asshole husbands that wants their wives to dress in sweats and big ugly shirts so no one else looks at their women. J.Lo is also an unfortunate victim since shacking up with marc anthony.

i mean really, powerful women sometimes want someone to boss them around for a change, its all about balance right. Unfortunately they let the bossing enter the bedroom instead of the boardroom. DOH, I should have been a psychoanalyst.