Friday, April 08, 2005

Dr. Ph-Pope-il

As a Dr. Phil fan, I am PERSONALLY insulted be this half-cocked Poprah
movement. We both know that the world is not ready for a woman pope.
Let's get serious. As Americans, we can't let some European or, shudder, some African
become the next pope. We need an American up there. And I’m going to
give you the opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of this exciting,
grassroots movement to get a man who truly understands how people work
and how to make them work better elected pope. A best selling author, a
public intellectual, a dietician. Dr. Ph-Pope-il in 2005!!!! First he fixed
the Osbournes, next he'll fix the WORLD!!!!


Urbana said...

I say we organize a POPRAH vs. DR. PHOPE Showdown. The person who transforms the most lives from trash to flash wins. Rules: Participants must:
1. have less than a full set of teeth
2. either be on drugs, obese, a stripper, or deadbeat dad or ailment of the like
3. be poor or not show enough love to family

Orudis KT said...

I'd just like to remind everyone that without OPRAH Dr. Phil would be nothing, no where, NOBODY. She created this angel, or monster, depending on how you like it, in her likeness and put him on his path to stardom. Glory be unto Her.