Friday, April 08, 2005

NO more SJP!

Fall into the Gap
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Thank the LORD! SJP is officially out of the Gap ad campaign. Thank you Elle Magazine for bringing this to my attention with your page 3,4 spread. I didn't need to see that little twerp of a woman dance around in Khakis any more. I don't need Gap clothes to enjoy being a girl and apparently many other girls didn't either. Sales were down 8% this xmas season compared to Q4 results last year and 20% down from company estimates.
I think Joss Stone is the next spokes lady for the retail chain. Which makes sense: she's 17, hot, talented, and mick jagger loves her. That will start soon so now we get generic model in blue squares. That i can deal with.
How do you wear it?

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Orudis KT said...

Don't get too excited just yet. Joss is living with her 25 year old birthday and being that she's 17 there's definitely some statutory rape going on according to California state law. Her Gap spread should be interesting for the company (harhar).