Friday, April 22, 2005

oh where oh where can he be?

Originally uploaded by andi814.
Today marks the official day where our relationship with John Adams got taken out with the trash. We are mourning our loss. John, I just want you know how much you've changed us for the better. You let us learn how to love and get in touch with our emotions. I know what love is now and I'll always remember you for that. I know this new girl may be prettier and skinnier and smarter than us but does she love you as much as we do? Does she John? Does she?

On another note: How hot does Bruce look in this picture? He's totally rocking a James Bond rico suave in a fleece look. That stache is totally rocking my world. Hi Bruce ;)


Orudis KT said...

John taught me not only what it means to be in love and be loved back but also the art of carving soap into aquatic animals. If it weren't for him I would've never found my life's passion. As for Bruce, he's the Enrique to Urbanatime's Kournikova. Be our hero baby. Time for a muffin.

St. Nick said...

i've been checking cnn off and on all day and there was not a single mention of this john adams love interest. someone fell asleep at the wheel.