Thursday, May 26, 2005

Craigslist: a world of Opportunity

Howdy Kids- Thanks to a write-in from a loyal reader, you all have another chance at employment this summer! Please check out the posting below and get those resumes rolling!

One Fun Job -- Super Comp & Benefits

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Date: 2005-05-26, 12:10PM

An unusual we go......

(1) U Get 6K a month amex card
(2) U run my social life, plan nights out, trips, etc
(3) You run my finances, handle my mail, etc (I hate paperwork)
(4) 6K monthly limit applied to my/our nights out, trips, etc
(5) You keep the difference for shopping/cash etc (so if youre a good planner and savvy shopper -- two traits i love -- all the better) -- hmmm......
(6) Must be comfortable w/ my seinfeld on steroids personality
(7) When were out and we agree on a girl we see, I pick her up, and we play nicely (for fun we bet whether i do or dont with winnings/losses applied against the amex balance)
(8) U r smart, competent, sincere
(9) U do not get emotionally attached to me
(10) U get to meet family freinds if u like (they know Im a trip)

About me, i am a straight SWM, 35, 5'10, 160 athletic build, jewish (naturally), clean, safe, d/d free.....expect to like a whole lot (may be a little disorienting when we first meet -- as you wonder whether this is real -- it is)................

Send pic and paragraph on why this appeals to you.....or Q's
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