Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dance Move of the Week: THE FETAL POSITION

Which is what you all should be in after being brought to your knees in agony by Nick and Jess's breakup.

No instruction is necessary with this one given that you've done it before either in your mother's womb or, more memorably, the last time you were stricken with a severe case of angry bunghole.

Nevertheless, for a demonstration check out Supreme Trading this Saturday. I'll be the one in the Rubbermaid busting a serious fetal move in the middle of the dance floor. Amniotic fluid is optional.


Urbana said...

where's the picture? I need pictures to understand. I'm, how you say, a visual learner.

Orudis KT said...

Damn blogspot. The picture shows up on my computer just fine. It's a dude curled up in a cardboard box.

Urbana said...

nope still don't see it. did you post from flickr? I'd really like to see this box man. I'm always in the mood for new dance moves to keep 70's disco dance hour fresh.