Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Straight up now tell me

Go Paula Go Paula Go! Hell, if I were his judge, he could have been my special friend too. And if Paula Abdul was buying me clothes and helping me pick songs that were best for my vocal range, I'd love her right back.

For more tantilizing facts on this developing story, check any website out there... they're all eating it up! My personal choice is this MSN site because of the ad on the page for Nail Fungus!!!!. You must check this out before the ad gets switched. It'll be added to the "urbanatime's unforgivables" list.


Orudis KT said...

The ads change each time you refresh.

I HATE them. They've been giving me the heebee-jeebees for a while now. Especially that one where the personified crud lifts up a dude's nail and scratches itself on his toe mushrooms.

Hello FCC?! Children are watching this!

Urbana said...

That's exactly it! the nasty fungi nail slowly lifts up and then zooms in to the fungus! I can't watch it! Makes me puke. Although, I'd rather watch another talking foot fungus commercial then see Rosie ride another bus.