Friday, June 24, 2005

23 years ago today....

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baby Alla decided she needed to see the world, to experience life, love, pain, happiness. And there she went down the love tube of her mother and into the hands of some handsome Russian obgyn. After a brief stint in the baby room, Alla was whisked away to the streets of Moscow where red was always a hip color and waiting for bread was just what you did.

One fine day, the Zlotnikov's had enough Rusky love and picked up and high tailed it to Brooklyn, bringing little Alla with them. It was there she grew up to be an upstanding young American Citizen.

Today, our friend is 23.


Orudis KT said...

Damn it you beat me to the punch!

Urbana said...

yeah, i have been seriously slacking today. nor seriously, i don't think i've done a thing. Couple of wine coolers and swamp ass will do that to a girl.