Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Possibly another victim of Urbana

grey skies are gonna clear up! put on a happy face.

If this doesn't make you smile a lot, then you have no soul.
its true. you don't.

**For more incredible dog pictures, check out my friend's "pet" project at Pup on a bun.


jaydee2 said...

Iranian cyberjournalist Mojtaba Lotfi and blogger Mohamad Reza Nasab Abdolahi released
Reporters Without Borders welcomed the release of online journalist Mojtaba Lotfi, freed on 28 August 2005 after more than six months in prison and of a weblogger arrested in February, Mohamad Reza Nasab ...
this is the best I have ever seen. I will never go back!

ddassoc said...

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Urbana said...

um, thank you for your concern but I only have mental health issues.

jaybee said...

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