Thursday, August 25, 2005


Look for the girl in the tiger print and heart-shaped glasses. It's her birthday fool. You better recognize.

My birthday August 29th!  I'm turning 18!  Its such an exciting year. I'm really looking forward to the opportunities 18 brings my way.

Anyhoo, we're celebrating a day early on the beaches of Brighton for some fun in the sun and maybe some wiffle ball, paddle ball, and/or kite flying.  Bring your swim trunks, a nice towel, some sunblock, and a trashy magazine to share.  I prefer In Touch but anything from Star to O (Oprah) to Weekly World News will do. 

We'll probably be sneaking in beers and peanut butter sandwiches and you should too!

Sunday, Aug 28th
Brighton Beach Seashore (probably somewhere near the p.p. shack but not too close!)
I will be there at 1pm.  You get there sometime around then too.
Take the  B, Q To Brighton Beach!

See you there!


billikenbluff said...

I'll come but only if you promise Jude Law won't be there

Urbana said...

I can not promise.