Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Disappointing NY Post/NY Daily News headlines

The best we got was "He's no Weiner"

NYTimes: "Concession Sets Up Bloomberg-Ferrer Race"
NY Daily News: "Weiner Concedes Dem Battle"
AM New York: "Weiner Concedes Race to Ferrer"

BORING. So much meat, but all filler.

Thanks to Gawker, today's winning headline used to be "Weiner Pulls Out" from 1010 WINS but however, this headline has conceded as well in the running and changed over to "Weiner Concedes" or something dumb and now, the article isn't even there. Fucking Sallies.

Weiner Pulls Out via Gawker

On another note, many congratulations to our friend Fernando Ferrer.

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