Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fetus Watch: Trump Edition

We here at Urbanatime are extremely proud of our fellow gold diggers. Not only do we admire all that they have done for our community, but we also are the first to commend their accomplishments in Grand Theft Auto and Botox reception. For that reason, we were privy to this intimate correspondence between the lovely and most notable gold diggers of 2005, Kevin "I banged Britzilla" Federline and Melania "I humped a Trump" Knauss.

'Sup Mel,
Mad props beeotch! U R set 4 life. Name that little shit Benjamin. As in Franklin. As in hundred dollar bills y'all.
You better recognize,

We couldn't be happier for them. There's nothing we enjoy watching more than the development of a socialite zygote, if for no other reason than it makes us yearn to pop from a far wealthier womb than the Denny's that our gametes met in.

Stay tuned.

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