Friday, September 09, 2005

Take 2: Frank chimes in

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>From Hotline:
Asked to predict the New York Post's headline on Rep. Anthony Weiner's
(D-NY) mayoral race, you were very funny. Among your printable ideas:
Dog We Have A Weiner!"; "Weiner Cut Off"; "Weiner Pokes Through
"Weiner Pulls It Out!"; "Weiner Has Weak Poll"; "Weiner Gets Late
"Weiner Comes Last"; "Bloomberg Congratulates Ferrer for Beating
"Weiner Gets Smoked"; "Weiner Peters Out"; "Weiner Relishes In Victory";

"Can Weiner Satisfy All Five Boroughs?"; "Weiner Droops In Poor Finish";

"Winer Roast-ed"; "Weiner By A Hair"; "Weiner Inches Ahead"; "Ferrer
Grip On Weiner"; "Weiner Blown Away"; "Weiner Bruised In Tight Race";
"Gephardt Wins Primary"; "Oscar Mayor Weiner"; "Weiner On A Roll!";
"It's A
Weiner-fest"; "Insert Weiner Here" (with photo of Gracie Mansion); and
"Bloomie Takes It On Chin From Weiner."

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