Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Do your duty

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Someone has GOT to be the "Kid in your kindergarten class who smelled like pee" for Halloween. And that special person is YOU! Yes YOU reading this right now. There's never been a better excuse for getting loaded and peeing yourself all night!!!

Outfit: Winnie-the-pooh something or other on your person and Velcro sneakers.
Make-up: Chocolate pudding crusted with cheerios in general mouth, nose, and cheek area.
NOTE: Honeynut ensures maximum crustability however, Lucky Charms may be substituted to add color.

Now go home and practice the following conversation with your roommate or mom:

Random Stranger in a bar: Why hello there sexy. What exactly are you supposed to be?
You: The kid in your kindergarten class who smelled like pee.
Stranger: That's funny cause you smell heavenly to me.
You: I do? [commence peeing center stage right] How 'bout now?
Stranger: Ah yes. I believe that's the odor of Jenny Lathem, the girl in my kindergarten class who smelled like pee.


Faces have been blurred to protect the innocent (until proven guilty).


Sean Biggler said...

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I've already bookmarked you. I have a kissing site/blog. Mostly contains kissing related topics.

You're welcome to check it out if you want. I have a blog that you may also like... My friend would really like this blog so I think I'll tell him. (is that okay?)

Have a great day ~

cheerios said...

wait, i was that kid...damn you.

a bean said...

oooh, oooh, i'll be the class nose-picker! i'll leave my little grubby home-grown treasures on all the cute guys' beer bottles. yumm.