Monday, October 10, 2005

fuck it: trampoline montage


Mary Morgan said...

Interesing Perspective on Genocide in RA
Filed under: Armenia , Diaspora , Travel - Posted by Katy on October 10th Blogger Marcia from Mission Trip to the Caucasus, blogs today on opinions on the Genocide in the Republic of Armenia.
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Urbana said...

That is the craziest spam i've ever seen!!! Genocide really makes me curious about how to build a private road.

Go go republic of Armenia!

I just took a 2 hour lunch.

Urbana said...

dunkin' donuts coffee is THE WORST!

Orudis KT said...

If by worst you mean BEST then yes.

That spam goes perfectly with the trampoline montage. I dunno about you, but for me, nothing screams Armenian genocide more than white unitards, an olsen twin, and gravity defying boobies.

I heart Christopher Columbus...and yuca fries.