Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Still Stumped on your freaky deaky costume choice?

Holy Shit! Halloween weekend starts in 4 nights. That means you have 3 days to think of something to wear. FUCK. Do NOT go to Ricky's. Do not go to salvation army. you will not have time to do laundry and you don't want to smell 2nd hand all night. After all, Halloween is about having sex with strangers and strangers are not turned on by mildew and pit stains.

Alas, you have another choice if my first suggestion isn't the right thing, or your roommate already read Urbanatime before you did. Here's option 2:

1. put on black stockings over your head and wear black turtleneck. Wear green or brown pants and bright shoes with jingle bells on them.
2. print out picture below
3. cut out picture
4. paste picture to bellybutton area of your body
5. walk around and ask babes for candy.

1 comment:

Orudis KT said...

Correction: Having sex with strangers with CANDY.