Monday, December 12, 2005

Explosions in the Sky - No, it's not a terrorist attack...

It's an amazing band that I had the extreme pleasure of seeing last night at the Bowery Ballroom along with Wilderness (who are indeed worthy of playing alongside Explosions, if not headlining their own tour).

All weekend long I had been wallowing in my own self-pity, taking way too many bong hits and contemplating things that are better left for Jesus to sort through in his spare time. I had to drag myself out last night to the show (which had been sold out for weeks) but holy hotdog was I glad I did!

Explosions in the Sky are an intrumental band from Texas. The two guitarists and bass player (Mark Smith, Munaf Rayani and Michael James) actually hail from the small boondock town that George W. at one point called home. They eventually all moved to Austin and in 1999 had their first jam session together (drummer Christopher Hrasky included). Thus was born the amazingness that I witnessed last night.

Their sound is at times hardcore, passionate and sincere, but overall incredibly beautiful. I had a big, stupid grin on my face throughout their entire set. Songs begin soft and melodic but then build up to an intensity that rips through their audience like fireworks (which, not coincidentally, is where their name originates). Their music is technically alluring without being too mathy, and their lack of a singer is something that goes completely unnoticed as their sound is so goddamn original and detailed. What more can I say - if you haven't listened to this band yet, slap yourself across the face and check them out!

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