Monday, December 19, 2005

Matt and Kim - The adorable couple that I DON'T want to strangle

Ok ok, so most likely everyone who bothers to read this titillating blog has already heard of Matt and Kim, the all too-delightful pop music couple who reside in Willy'bizzle (can I copyright that please?). I'm also fairly positive that those of you who live in said neighborhood have seen them play alongside their homies, Japanther. So my work here is pretty much done and done, right? WRONG! Despite the fact that M and K are all the rage I will continue to regale you with stories of their awesomeness because, well, they kick ass.

The first time I saw them was over the summer at Office Ops (the Bushwick locale that everyone loves to hate). It was a rooftop affair with Japanther headlining (isn't summertime in Brooklyn the best?). I had never had the pleasure of seeing Matt and Kim until that point, and since then my life has gone from donkeys to unicorns.

Here's their deal: they are an adorable couple who play the happiest music I have ever heard. Kim plays the drums while Matt sings and takes charge of the synthesizers. Five nights ago I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them again, this time opening for man vs. beast (another insane-in-a-good-way band). What can I say, their performance made me want to buy a round of budweiser tall boys for everyone and then bake cupcakes (or at least eat one).

Check them out!

*semi-interesting side note: Matt and Kim were just recently signed to iheartcomix, the record label belonging to none other then Frankie Chan, the bald-headed, bespectecled friend of the cobrasnake and dj buddy of Kid Millionaire (aka Steve Aoki).


Urbana said...

for Christmas I will give you the phone attachment for your celly and you will give me a shit load of music I've never heard before. Or at least invite me to these jamborees. In the meantime, I'll be at Chucky Cheese in the Ski ball section staring at myself in the psychadelic monitors.

Taco Belle said...

how about I make you some sweet mixes and get you some cheap rum from Puerto Rico? If you need to find me in the next few weeks I'll be sitting under a banana tree drinking from a coconut.