Saturday, December 03, 2005

New Jersey Fun Nights.

We only got there at 11:55pm on Friday night after a smooth car ride from Brooklyn to the Showboat casino. Rum and diet, Rum and diet, Rum and diet, up $100, down $20, up another $50. Cash out! Video Poker is frighteningly fun.
Lauren in AC
We're here to celebrate Lauren's 24th birthday. There's a handful of friends and a handful of vegan chocolate cupcakes. Some guy thought us girls were "working." Rum and diet, rum and diet, jack and coke, turkey sandwich.
Back to video poker, then to Jeopardy slots. Then over to Trump Taj Mahal. more video poker! See lady with shaved head and baseball tattoo on back of skull. 5:15am, decide its time to go. Hotel rooms are up to $279 so we drive back to brooklyn. But first, get the rest of the vegan cupcakes. 6am, hit the turnpike.
birthday kiss
Sunrise over New Jersey marshland. Stinks! Holland Tunnel. Houston Street, I run a red light and almost hit a cab. 8:30am Williamsburg, park the car.
WHIZ! Brush teeth, take picture of our bad selves. hit the hay. We got what we wanted.

Happy Birthday Sneaks!


Taco Belle said...

HOLY HOTDOGS if I knew you were only going for a night I DEFINITELY would have tagged along. Dammit!

Orudis KT said...

My heros. I'm so proud to know you.