Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Punk/Hardcore/Metal Lovahs! - this one's for YOU

Because variety is the spice of life and because I just can't resist the man who made this request, Taco Belle is detering slightly from her usual Brooklyn indie scene and posting another's top 10 of 2005 list. AND IT'S ALL EXTREME SHIT! We're talking punk, hardcore and metal, folks. Let's make a toast to expanding our horizons!

Here it is, the Top 10 of 2005 from Mr. Incognito (pictured below with yummy yummy happy meals!)

1) The Soviettes – “LP III”; Another amazing piece of hook laden pop-punk genius (I’m talking real pop-punk ala Buzzcocks) from Minneapolis’ finest. This shit is like cancer, once it’s inside your head, it’s a major bitch getting it out. The Soviettes will keep you from getting punk rock withdrawal until that new Dillinger 4 album finally comes out.

2) Coliseum – “Goddamage EP”; Nasty, southern fried heavy as fuck punk rock from Louisville, KY. Coliseum does something a lot of “extreme” bands don’t; get personal. Brutal music with equally as brutal personal/political lyrics that removes things from the general to ideas that individuals can grasp on their own level, this shit is scary.

3) M.O.T.O. – “Raw Power”; I’ve been a devout follower of the M.O.T.O. cult ever since I witnessed their kick ass live act opening up for Guitar Wolf in Austin, TX. Funny, catchy, bare bones punk rock from a bunch of dudes who’ve been at this way to long to get it wrong. I swear these guys would be legends by now if they ever got off their lazy asses and toured (1 tour every decade doesn’t count guys)

4) Pelican – “The Fire in our Throats will Beckon the Thaw”; Seriously Epic shit here ladies and gentlemen. Insane instrumental metal that can appeal to non-metal heads. Elaborate, beautifully crafted metal masterpieces that will take you to unexplored places. This shit is so fucking heavy that if you listen to it sitting down, it’ll be difficult to stand up.

5) Red Sparrows – “At the Soundless Dawn”; Long intricate musical collages that push the limits of heavy music. This is the best album Neurosis never put out; accept Red Sparrows has a girl ruling the mic instead of three dudes with giant goatees. I dare you to listen to the album and think that a 5’3” 110 lb girl could even come close to producing the blood curdling growls on this album.

6) Sweet J.A.P. – “I’m only the Moonlight” 7”; Ok, ok I can hear people freaking out already, yes I know this album came out in 2004 and NO I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. First of all 99.9% of people missed out on this amazing final release from one of the most important punk bands in recent memory. Bridging the gap between blistering hardcore and 77’ punk like no one before them, not to mention this band kicked ass live. I nearly cried when this band broke up, you should have too but you were all to busy listening to Broken Social Scene and pretending to be socially responsible.

7) Screeching Weasel – “Kill the Musicians” Reissue; Since being baptized in the from the Church of the Ramones at an early age (registered minister since ’96), Screeching Weasel was always a band that I respected for really holding a proper candle to the boys in leather jackets, while still brining a little of their own flare. Not an official album, “Kill the Musicians” is a great Weasel starter kit with a nice glimpse inside of the Weasel evolution.

8) Smoke or Fire – “Above the City”; A truly spectacular debut. Everything I like in a band: gruffy vocals, smart heartfelt lyrics and tons of sing along type moments. Reminds me a lot of early Small Brown Bike, which is not a bad thing.

9) Holy Mountain – “Entrails”; Fucking scary Gainesville style crusty hardcore. The vocals will peel your skin off and the socio-political ferocity will have you suicide bombing in no time. In the vain of His Hero is Gone, Born Against and all that dirty shit on Havoc Records, you get the picture.

10) Genghis Tron – “Cloak of Love”; I only started listening to this band very recently but I couldn’t resist putting this on my top ten. I have to give Genghis Tron credit; they are doing some pretty original shit on “Cloak of Love.” Take one part Depeche Mode, one part Combatwoundedveteran (actually any favorite power violence band will do) and throw them in a nuclear turbine and you kind of come close to Genghis Tron. They really blend synth pop and grindcore like no one before them (has anyone ever tried mixing synth pop and grindcore before?). A+ for originally.

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