Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First Stoner Rant of 2006, or Deerhoof: A Random Introduction

You know what's really sweet to do when taking bong rips? Watch skate videos. That's right, get your bro on. I've always been in awe of skaters. To begin with, they're pretty much all babes. So there's that to factor in. Then, of course, there's the "holy crap I can't believe that dude just did that" aspect of it. I'm a lady, so I don't know the technical terms. And by technical, I mean retarded. It's all nonsense. Front side ollie tic tac? I just made that trick up but it might as well be real. Seriously, who decided to put words together like that? I'd like to know so that I can tell him what an ass munch he is. ANYWAY, my point was that some of the things these kids do on a piece of wood and some wheels is unbelievable. For a person to look at a sidewalk, a ledge, a staircase or any sort of concrete and think those tricks are possible, well, let's just say it takes a different kind of mind to have vision like that.

You know what's also sweet? Listening to electronic music. THAT'S RIGHT - SHE SAID ELECTRONIC! But let me explain myself. Electro music by European standards is crap, rave music is crap and pretty much all techno besides the stuff that I listen to is crap. This is all in my humble opinion, obviously. I like the following kinds of electro: Sincere, indie pop electro and crazy shit. Bands like Caribou and Manitoba fall into that first clump, while dudes like Aphex Twin fall into that last one. The thing that I like about both those categories is that most of the electro artists that I love have done work that could easily fall into either one. They're what you might call "multi-talented."

Speaking of crazy shit, for those of you that haven't checked out the band Deerhoof yet I have an assignment for you - Give yourself a wet-willy and pour a glass of water on the crotch of your pants cause you're missin out on the good things in life, my friend! Deerhoof is an amazing band that everyone knows about and is in love with except for you. (Not really, I just wrote that to make people feel uncool and want to find out more about them). But seriously, check them out.

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Urbana said...

We at Urbanatime do not condone "ripping bongs." Please consult your self esteem before attempting.
Be aware of the effects: Long-windedness, Vaginal excitement at the sight of skateboards, increased appetite, and diarrhea.