Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Last Days of 2005.

We'll start with the Manhattan! Gallery show back in November. This is Carol Lee and Ryan McGinley at the show.

kelly in the tree
The next day, Kelly and Urbana go upstate to Rockefeller State Park and see some nature.

sunset at grand ferry
The view from Grand Ferry park on a nice December Saturday.

brett in machine shop
Brett comes to town after finishing a 6 month stint in the Arizona desert chasing rattlesnakes around. At one point he was bit by a snake and the anti-venom and hospital visit bill was $98,000. We went to a party in a machine shop on Metropolitan where...

big guns
There was a bb gun shooting range indoors. Booze and bbs. Brett's friend, the guy at the far left, looks just like the head elf in the claymation Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer.

Then it was Orudis's and St. Nick's 24th birthday party at Musical Box.

Ja Rule was there...

perv city
And a few Chesters... (remember my personal motto, "if you can't grow a beard, Don't")

The crowd was smokin' hot.... But notice no pictures of the Saint. He was "busy" at the bar. Mad props my brother.

Later, Orudis and I watched Buttcrack, the worst movie of all time. Worse than "How to lose a guy in 10 days." But not all was lost, we learned a new song... "Put your beer goggles on and make love to me"

I went home to Pepperell to the parents' house for Christmas. This time, I learned it only takes this many remotes to turn on and successfully watch, with sound no less, ONE television show. Simple!

New Years Eve... East Village. Fun with 40's.

Birchwood court
Today, Lauren and I went out to Scotch Plains, New Jersey, the place of my birth and first 3 years of life. This was my little old house. We spent the rest of the day checking out thrift shops around the area. We ended up with 2 necklaces, a scarf, a Gidget goes to Hawaii VHS, and a sweet Van Halen glitter picture. Also a couple nice sale items at Banana Republic in Westfield.

Here's to '06.

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Orudis KT said...

Ahh, the elusive Ja Rule...just when you think all is lost he is found.