Wednesday, February 15, 2006

KISSING TIGERS - Part One Of "Bands T. Belle Has Funny Stories About"

Where have the music reviews gone? Welllll... Taco Belle has been busy getting married, entertaining her visiting boyfriend and propositioning Orudis KT and Urbana into being her lesbian lovas. BUT NOW SHE'S ALL BUSINESS.

To get back into the spirit of music blogging, I (yes it's first person narrative time) thought it would be amusing to write about bands that are a) talented, and b) good friends of mine. First up - KISSING TIGERS!

Hailing from Santa Barbara, San Diego and Los Angeles (respectively), Kissing Tigers is a most excellent indie electro rock band comprised of 5 babes - Jim, Dave, Mark, Eugene and Dan. They've played with the likes of Goblin Cock and they party like no other band I've ever known. Here are some amusing anecdotes/facts about each member:

JIM - The first time I ever met this sassy red head he was so drunk that he did a stage dive right on top of me a bar.

DAVE -This stud's got a lady in every city.

MARK - Believe it or not, this foxy filipino just recently cut off his fro... Unfortunate, yes, but he's still the sweetest guy I know. He likes to hug a lot and he's got really adorable pj's.

EUGENE - This tall drink of water just so happens to reside with my boyfriend. He also just so happens to be a gigantic stoner and (according to my bf) he never cleans the apartment. SIGH! A man after T. Belle's own heart...

DAN - And last but not least, this adorable chap is my own personal partner in crime. Dan enjoys shotgunning beers, taking shots and helping me take kegstands (although he also enjoys them himself). His favorite joke is as follows: Q-How many mexicans does it take to screw in a light bulb, A-only Juan (said in horrible mexican accent).

So. If you're not in love with these boys from their short descriptions alone, then let their music convince you!


Urbana said...

You are so half assing the "convincing Orudis and urbana to become your lesbian lover" thing.

Taco Belle said...

Hey Urbana, wanna come over to my place later and have some casual sex?