Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We're back LIVE!

The grammys are still going, its 11pm and I just remembered I missed Beauty and the Geek Makeover episode when the geeks turn hot. Anyway, back to the music...


Jay-Z is the luckiest ugly guy on the planet.

As promised earlier, Mr. Jamie (can i get a OOOHHHhhhhh) Foxx. We said it first, lets not see any more of jamie foxx singing songs. We don't care. Our advice, always keep the memory of Eddie Murphy's "my girl wants to party all the time" close at hand in case of lapses of sanity.

On another note, Hurrah for marching bands being the It accessory to any great performance, Jeff Koon's Birthday Party at Deitch, Marc Jacobs Spring Collection, and now, Kanye West's Golddigger grammy performance. I'll soon dig out the old NMRHS band photos of Urbana.

and finally, Lauren says "Cheryl Crow just has pecs not boobs" BUT, earlier she also said "who the hell is this" during Paul McCartney's performance.
We make this pic a little larger for you to decide for yourself.

Thanks for tuning in during our first ever live blog! Not that any of you, besides me, actually did. BUT really THANKS.
Good nite.

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Taco Belle said...

Jay-Z is hot, Urbana!! And I'll trade punches with anyone that says otherwise...