Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What I want for Valentines day. by Urbana

So I know all of you have been staying up all night sweating about what to get me for St. Valentine's Day. Since that day is here and you have about 5 more hours to present me my gift, I thought I'd give any last minute shoppers a nice hint.

Here's the hint:

OH GOD OH GOD! Are you buckling over in pain? Are you overwhelmed with the need to HUG? Are you trying not to cry at your desk in front of your boss? Get me one of these and after I'm done hugging this incredible creature, I will hug you, and maybe even slip you the tongue.

See it all (and more) at my new favorite slacksite.


Orudis KT said...

YES! Cuteoverload.com has taught me how to love again.

Orudis KT said...

From a reliable source:
we looked up that panda dog thing, i geuss its just a chow that some guy dyed, apparently he's been detained a number of times for doing heinous things to his pets or something, but damn is it cute.

Your esteemed editors in no way condone heinous acts against animals...unless of course it is for the sake of adorability. Bring on the ear stretching...floppy eared puppies rule!