Friday, March 10, 2006

Awesomeness, Thy Name Is Boggs

I've been slacking on the music reviews, I KNOW. But quite frankly I only listen to 4 or 5 bands anymore because I can't stand the rest. Until last night, that is. I went to see Blood On The Wall at the Mercury Lounge (who were amazing by the way, just as I had anticipated). I knew that The Boggs were opening for them, and although I had never really heard their stuff before, I HAD heard great things about them so I showed up early to check them out.

...LIKE WOAH. This band seriously blew me away. Their music is a straight-up punch to the gut followed by a rush of adrenaline. They're a noise/experimental explosion straight outta Brooklyn. Are there any Brooklyn bands that AREN'T amazing? That answer is obviously no. And once again Brooklyn has managed to bring together a group of musicians who create sounds like nothing ever heard before. The Boggs have got it all - the tall/lanky, hipster lead singer who can scream/sing beautifully and who shreds the guitar harder than Tom Morello (ok I'm exaggerating a bit here, but it's a pretty accurate comparison); the mandatory androgynous girl singer who shakes the tamborine and bangs the cowbell; the tight pants/suspenders wearin', neck tattoo sportin', all around cool dude bass player; the 2nd guitarist with the native poncho and bandana (every band's gotta have one of these guys); and finally the tiny drummer with the Ringo bowl cut who sits hunched over the drums and really beats the crap out of them (in a good way, of course).

They killed it last night. And while they aren't quite finished mixing their debut album (I know this because I contacted them first thing this morning), you can still hear some of their awesomeness on their myspace page. Also here's a crappy picture of them. Sorry but it's the only one I could find.


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Taco Belle said...

Just kidding, apparently they've been around for a while. Not that any of you really cared anyway...