Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Serious Dilemma.

I have eaten some form of asian food for the past three days.

Japanese on Friday: I ate these rice balls with some weird form of fruit (I think it could've been a plum?) in the middle. Sorta weird tasting but I'm always up for a challenge. Later at work I felt like a giant bubble was forming in my stomach and would eventually explode.

Thai on Saturday: I ate tofu and string beans with spicy basil sauce. Delicious. Later that evening I felt like my stomach was tossing ninja stars around.

Thai on Sunday? ...ok, I know that eating more today was not the best decision, but I had leftovers! And surprisingly, no stomach ache!

But I have a dilemma: Since I am now aware that asian food will make me sick 2 out of 3 times, should I continue to eat it everyday?

1 comment:

Urbana said...

Don't stop til you get enough!

A girl can never have too much Thai.