Friday, June 15, 2007

Theory: Matt Stone and Trey Parker have watched The Party Animal

I'm watching South Park right now and there was a scene with Cartman and Jimmy (crutches) where Jimmy was on a date and Cartman hid in the bushes telling Jimmy the right things to say through earphones which happened to be gigantic. Maybe thats a normal recurring funny in sitcoms but it is also a brilliant scene in my favorite movie, The Party Animal.

The scene is pretty much the same where Pondo Sinatra is on a date (with a thespian) and Studley is "hiding" in the bushes to tell Pondo the right things to say to this girl. Both characters wear enormous headphones to which the girl is oblivious.

My theory is that South Park creators 1. are aware of The Party Animal 2. Love it so much to borrow from it. This makes Urbana really happy and I would like to watch that movie now. If you are unaware of Pondo and his musings, take a brief look at this clip. The clip hosts possibly the best dancing in a movie ever, also possibly the most gratuitous drug scene ever. Enjoy.

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