Saturday, June 09, 2007

Weekly: If you can't grow a beard, don't

Hello and welcome to the first week of "If you can't grow a beard, don't" where we at Urbanatime feature the worst facial hair of the moment. This week's IYCGBD winner, singer-songwriter John Mayer. Its on again-off again all the time for this guy lately. We'd like to suggest OFF AGAIN. We're not talking Simpson, we're talking flavor savors.

I am bummed because this picture sucks. The inspiration picture is lost somewhere in the www. If you find a better one, send it over lovies!

Saving grace: He admits it.

from an interview in 2002 with Chris McKay from
CM: I read in Billboard you were taking a month of to grow a beard (laughs)?

JM: I couldn't do it (laughs).

CM: What, you couldn't get the month off or you couldn't grow the beard?

JM: I got stuck in the Donnie Wahlberg stage. It was kind of a "Hangin' Tough" thing.

For more filled out moustaches, check this other John Mayer out.

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