Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You have F%&@ed up now.

Take a minute to look at my favorite sketch comedy skit of the week. This one is from The Whitest Kids You Know. Though this show seems to be on Fuse constantly, most of their skits are on YouTube.

Calm down, just calm down!

thank you.
These kids are the next gen of Bruce, Mark, Kevin, Scott, and Daves. Ah man, I love those guys. For their sake, meet the Daves I know.


Sneaks said...

The Daves I Know is my #1 FAVORITE sketch!
I love you.

christopherlee said...

That History Lesson on the "ASS-ASS-in-NATION" of Abe Lincoln made me spit beer all over my computer from laughing. Signed- "A friend of Reverend Spiro in DC".:)

Vienne said...

I loves me some of those daves. Oh, how that song got me through High school.