Monday, July 30, 2007

Urbana's Gag Hour

Hey Y'all. I would like to share my latest tattoo with you...

Just kidding! I meant, I want to share something I don't really enjoy looking at. Self expression is a wonderful thing, yes. However, right now I would like to make a special ode to clothing. First, take a look at my inspiration for the ode, then read the ode.

Nice panties.

The mandolin is a beautiful instrument.

WTF, Dad!

Ode to Clothing
by Urbana

Clothes Clothes, how I love you
Wrap me in your soft cotton
silk, linen, polyester, rayon, spandex
whatever you are, cover me.

Blue Jeans, black jeans, acid washed
Pants are great for day or night
Pants are even for bedtime
wear the pijama bottoms.

Shirts are nice when iron pressed
wear to church or to a rock show
short-sleeves, long sleeves
no sleeves, tube tops

Clothes come in all shapes
all sizes for all people
they are pink, purple, green and more
soft, stiff, wooley, stretchy.

I love when people wear clothes.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Urbana's Big Top (not a shirt)

At one point about 5 months ago, I was living in Argentina, loving life, and seriously thought about joining the circus. Inspired by a 3 day circus camp-out I attended in October outside of Buenos Aires, I took a circus class at the local circus school. It was 4 hours of juggling, balance, aerobics, stretching, tumbling, and then Rope acrobatics! It was truly a humbling experience. I considered myself fairly able to do the occasional somersault, cartwheel, even back bend, but this was something else. My body hurt for 2 weeks and my ab muscles popped out (in a bad way).
Here's a pic from the circus weekend:

Really, it was awesome. Every night there was a performance and afterwards a huge dance party with South American circus kids (dreds, piercings, funny pants, tattoos, peace love and harmony etc).

Anyway, today I came across this video through and was so sweetly reminded of why the circus is really cool. I even looked up buying a unicycle. One is available in the Boston area for only 55 bucks. Sold!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feist Commercials

Every time I turn on the tv, there's a commercial with a Feist song in it. The latest, the preview commercial of a new show on ABC. Now, I like what I hear so far from Feist, but the commercializing of her album is frustrating and makes me think she's a bit too digestible, like Coldplay. Besides, why buy the album when you can just steal it from your brother's computer, er, I mean, watch tv for an hour and hear the whole thing. Here's a few of the commercials...

Lacoste Men's Fragrance

Verizon Wireless, LG Chocolate

EBAY (only in Australia)

The same song in Kink.FM Portland Radio

Hanes Tshirt (Homemade?)

and on and on and on! I'm positive there's another. If you go on youtube, Feist is the new IT song choice for homemade commercials. May I suggest a selection from the new Interpol Album, or possibly the Hairspray sountrack.

Crush of the Week: Demitri Martin

I'm watching the Daily Show right now. I think its a repeat. Demitri Martin just gave a stupid commentary about VISA cards targeting young people like college grads and man, did he look cute doing it. Maybe its just because he's sitting next to Jon Stewart, not cute (hair gel), but funny and important in making politics and news hip with the kids (good personality). Anyway, Didn't Demitri used to have glasses? Now he's got the slightly unattractive guy made cute by moppy haircut look aka Ringo Starr 1964. Maybe he's sensitive. Maybe he's a fox.

Regardless, he is Urbanatime's Crush of the Week for this week in July!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Fashions for the 4th

We're all wondering, where can I find some great fashions to express my love-of-country? Fear no more, your answers are here! A variety of styles will help you decide which look you'll be going for this year while watching Fireworks! (man, i love fireworks) I will be wearing a flag hat I found down in South Carolina at the incredible "South of the Border" oasis. This is the year to show everyone the pride inside!

For a business casual 4th...
Show the team at the office who loves the U.S.A. the most. Buy it at

for a sexy 4th...
Do an on-purpose bad body paint job so boys can see your nipples through the tempera. You'll be sure to raise your self esteem a few points.

For the all out Patriotic gal...
Your husband and brother are both in Iraq. Tell them who is the best with this jem of an outfit. the skirt and top are separate so you could probably pair them with jeans or a T for your day-to-day look. Buy it Here!

For a Vietnam Protest style...
Check out your dad's closet or your local Salvation Army. Get dressed while listening to that Jimi Hendrix album you have hidden in your closet. (we all had the Jimi phase, you know you own it)

For a NJ style...
If you love America but don't really like whats doing on politically, try this.

For the balls-to-the-wall Patriot...
Tell the evil-doers to "Eat My Shorts!"

If your kid is named Maddox...
Order online now!

If your dog is feeling extra patriotic...
Buy it here,

I hope your outfit is as cool as mine. Good luck shoppers!
Go Red white and blue.