Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Crush of the Week: Demitri Martin

I'm watching the Daily Show right now. I think its a repeat. Demitri Martin just gave a stupid commentary about VISA cards targeting young people like college grads and man, did he look cute doing it. Maybe its just because he's sitting next to Jon Stewart, not cute (hair gel), but funny and important in making politics and news hip with the kids (good personality). Anyway, Didn't Demitri used to have glasses? Now he's got the slightly unattractive guy made cute by moppy haircut look aka Ringo Starr 1964. Maybe he's sensitive. Maybe he's a fox.

Regardless, he is Urbanatime's Crush of the Week for this week in July!

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christopherlee said...

You know it's funny, sometimes you think of Ringo as the "ugly" beatle or the funny looking one, but watch him in his little vignette in Hard Days Night and you see the beginnings of Williamsburgh cute.