Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feist Commercials

Every time I turn on the tv, there's a commercial with a Feist song in it. The latest, the preview commercial of a new show on ABC. Now, I like what I hear so far from Feist, but the commercializing of her album is frustrating and makes me think she's a bit too digestible, like Coldplay. Besides, why buy the album when you can just steal it from your brother's computer, er, I mean, watch tv for an hour and hear the whole thing. Here's a few of the commercials...

Lacoste Men's Fragrance

Verizon Wireless, LG Chocolate

EBAY (only in Australia)

The same song in Kink.FM Portland Radio

Hanes Tshirt (Homemade?)

and on and on and on! I'm positive there's another. If you go on youtube, Feist is the new IT song choice for homemade commercials. May I suggest a selection from the new Interpol Album, or possibly the Hairspray sountrack.

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