Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Urbana's Big Top (not a shirt)

At one point about 5 months ago, I was living in Argentina, loving life, and seriously thought about joining the circus. Inspired by a 3 day circus camp-out I attended in October outside of Buenos Aires, I took a circus class at the local circus school. It was 4 hours of juggling, balance, aerobics, stretching, tumbling, and then Rope acrobatics! It was truly a humbling experience. I considered myself fairly able to do the occasional somersault, cartwheel, even back bend, but this was something else. My body hurt for 2 weeks and my ab muscles popped out (in a bad way).
Here's a pic from the circus weekend:

Really, it was awesome. Every night there was a performance and afterwards a huge dance party with South American circus kids (dreds, piercings, funny pants, tattoos, peace love and harmony etc).

Anyway, today I came across this video through www.beinghunted.com and was so sweetly reminded of why the circus is really cool. I even looked up buying a unicycle. One is available in the Boston area for only 55 bucks. Sold!


erica said...

amazing!!! just yesterday i was thinking back to how that was one of the most fun weekends i've ever had. remember how we packed up our banjos with bedrolls and headed out on the train? even that was fun.

erica said...

this video... holy cow. i love it.

billikenbluff said...

that was impressive, I guess