Monday, July 30, 2007

Urbana's Gag Hour

Hey Y'all. I would like to share my latest tattoo with you...

Just kidding! I meant, I want to share something I don't really enjoy looking at. Self expression is a wonderful thing, yes. However, right now I would like to make a special ode to clothing. First, take a look at my inspiration for the ode, then read the ode.

Nice panties.

The mandolin is a beautiful instrument.

WTF, Dad!

Ode to Clothing
by Urbana

Clothes Clothes, how I love you
Wrap me in your soft cotton
silk, linen, polyester, rayon, spandex
whatever you are, cover me.

Blue Jeans, black jeans, acid washed
Pants are great for day or night
Pants are even for bedtime
wear the pijama bottoms.

Shirts are nice when iron pressed
wear to church or to a rock show
short-sleeves, long sleeves
no sleeves, tube tops

Clothes come in all shapes
all sizes for all people
they are pink, purple, green and more
soft, stiff, wooley, stretchy.

I love when people wear clothes.

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