Saturday, August 04, 2007

What it means to be in Maine...

Hi Loyal readers,
For the next couple weeks, I will be in Bar Harbor, Maine, sitting on babies and pretending I'm a shark or mermaid or actually a nice person who is good with kids. Hehe, most likely I will be eating luxurious lobster rolls while you microwave last night's burrito leftovers. Doesn't it suck to be not-urbana? i know!

something like this...

with chowda!!

While you're thinking of New England, here's a few fun phrases...
Dick Hertz from Holden = a mysterious gentleman
Wicked = very/really
No Sah! = no sir
bosox = the only baseball team that matters
bubblah = waterfountain
What color is your bike? = What color is your penis?
aka. Do you have a bike? = Do you have a penis?
masshole = ME!
Packie = package store aka. liquor store

Please note: the bike slang i believe was only used during school bus Mini 1 rides, yes MINI 1. the short bus.

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Vienne - Alpha Bitch said...

Yes, I recall this unusual (slightly french) reference to a bike during my travels on bus nine. We schooled so many 4th graders with it!